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Live! Chiropractic Temporary Closure

After much deliberation, we have decided as a team to temporarily close down our practice before we are officially made to. We appreciate the government is doing shutdown in stages for their reasons, but we feel the best thing we can do for our community is to limit the spread of any person to person contact to the best of our ability. Health, community and our Live! Chiro family have always been the centre of our focus. To stick to our core values and beliefs, we will have our last day open in practice this Friday 27th March until we are able to return to practice again. As long as we are able to continue practice, which the government have announced today that we can, we are looking into how we may be able to care for those of you in an acute or crisis situation after closure. Will keep you posted. TELEHEALTH AND OUR FACEBOOK GROUP We are able to connect with TeleHealth Appointments, so if there is anything we may be able to assist you with during this period, we are working on how we can hook into this system. If we can keep any income coming into the practice to assist us to remain viable – which we certainly plan to be – then that would be of great assistance to us. I’m unsure of how an adjustment might look over the phone?!? But we’ll work that out. We are also setting up a Facebook group, although I’m not a huge user of FB, it will be a great vehicle to help you maintain your health and fitness during the up and coming period. Please keep your eyes out for info on how to join. After this Friday March 27th, we are most likely best contacted if needed through Facebook Messenger. For those with bookings made from next week and onwards, we're not yet sure how to best reschedule those, but we will be in touch.

THANK YOU I’m grateful to our positive, uplifting practice members, all of you who seem to always have an optimistic but realistic outlook on life and the times ahead of us. If we can remain in a mindset that isn’t too strongly fear based, we’re in a more calm and creative head space and better able to lift ourselves and each other. Thank you for your support of our practice, just about to tick over into our 16th year of serving our community. We look forward to seeing you either back at Live! or at our new practice late April/early May. With love, Dr Andrew, Teresa, Yvonne and Alan at Live! Chiropractic

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