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Updated: May 21, 2020

  • We are returning to limited practice as of April 20th

  • Live! Chiropractic will operate from our NEW PREMISES April 27th.

  • Financial strain? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you through this.

It’s been an odd few weeks – the longest I’ve had off practice in many years… and such a very different experience, as I’m sure the last few weeks have been for you. This has seen an increase in the stress and physical strains for many. Recently we have been encouraged by our National Board to continue practice, albeit with additional social safety measures. Chiropractic is deemed an Essential Service and along with a reported flattening in the curve regarding COVID-19 cases, we feel that now is the right time to return to practice, although limited, to provide care to those in need.

  • We still have strict distancing and appropriate sanitary measures in place.

  • We have reduced the numbers of people we see in our appointment book.

  • A ‘drive through’ option is available should you wish to wait in the car until it’s time for you to come through to your treatment room – just call us when you arrive in the car park.

We also absolutely understand if you decide to remain separate from contact still at this stage and respect that you may decide to leave it longer until you’re ready to get back to your chiropractic care.

This week, from the 20thApril we will focus on those already booked in, our health and essential workforce and our regular clients who may be in acute need or have chronic conditions. Should you feel the need to get in to see us this week, we are extending our hours as needed so please feel free to call and leave a message if we aren’t at the office. Please keep in mind to reduce extra visitors who aren't getting adjusted to the practice where possible.


From the 20th April to the 24th April inclusive, please come to our usual location. From 28th April and onwards, your visit will be at our new premises LEVEL 1, 150 RISELEY ST, BOORAGOON. Please see our blog on moving details for further information. As you come out of the lift or stair way on level 1, you turn to the left out of the lift and we’re at the end of the corridor on the right. There’s been a couple delays on getting the fitout complete, but we’ll just call it ‘industrial chic’ until the carpet goes in :) The most important things are in and ready to go so that’s all we need. The opening party will also have to wait, but it will be even more fun once we can celebrate again all together.


Don’t forget to visit the practice before July 17th 2020 to maintain your current level fee type, namely the Foundation Member fee. There will be a small increase in the adjustment fee for new people starting care with us at the new practice, but for many of you who have been incredibly loyal and seen us for years, even from when we first opened, your fee will move to a Foundation Member fee and remain at a lower rate. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, have lost your usual income, are receiving Centrelink payments or are on the Pension, we understand that finances are tight, so we’d like to offer ‘no gap’ visits until employment returns or up until July 17th. If you do not have private health insurance and fall into this category, your adjustment will be at a reduced rate of $20. This applies to current active practice members only. Your adjustments are a wonderful way to help reduce the impact of stress on your body. Often when we are under additional stress, ironically it’s the choices that support the reduction of stress such as your Chiropractic care that can go off track. We love our community so we hope this offer can help you remain on a healthy track during these stressful times.

Andrew, Teresa and Yvonne, along with Alan who will be doing most of the initial front desk shifts, have really missed our extended community and being in contact with all of you. I am very much looking forward to providing our exception care to you once again, particularly in the new premises.

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