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The live! Team

Meet the Family

A passionate, dynamic team in a vibrant and welcoming practice.

We are highly skilled wellness professionals committed to optimising health and mobility, restoring nervous system function and maximising life expression.

We lovingly serve our community, inspiring and educating in natural health, chiropractic and positive lifestyle choices.

This not only enriches YOUR lives but ours as well.


Chiropractic Assistant

My family has been receiving chiropractic care from live! chiropractic since late 2004 so when I was asked to join the team in 2013, it just seemed like the place for me to be. My two boys have experienced the benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments at Live! since they were very young. I truly believe that this regular maintenance is the key to fewer and shorter duration of colds and flu, increased focus in my children's schoolwork and our family's general good health and well being. I look forward to meeting you and helping you establish and maintain new happy, healthy habits for good health.


Chiropractic Assistant

Hi! I have a passion for self development and so to work in an environment that is conducive to wellness and personal growth is of great value to me.

I'm so grateful to be surrounded by such positive and happy people at Live! 

I feel inspired to contribute towards an uplifting atmosphere for both our patients and the people I work with.

I look forward to working with a team that's dedicated to create the best experience for our patients, so that they thoroughly enjoy being part of our wellness program.

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Dr Andrew Leece

BSc H Biol, Masters Chiropractic

Multi-generational family chiropractic care is my main focus in practice. Live! Chiropractic launched in 2004, I joined in 2007 and took over the practice in 2010. I have the privilege of helping elite sports people, day old babies to 100 year olds and people from all walks of life. Adjusting young couples planning to have a family, then the expectant mother throughout pregnancy and finally the new bub is a great joy for me. I am a SD Protocol certified Chiropractor (Stress Reduction techniques) employing manual Diversified, Drop Piece, SOT, Activator and ABC techniques depending on individual needs. Functional fitness and exercise, evidence based natural health care along with clean, unprocessed, low inflammatory inspired nutrition are particular obsessions of mine. I love natural health care and helping others make positive, informed lifestyle decisions. I look forward to helping find your healthiest you, naturally.

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